Fantasy, Fiction, and Everying in Between

Welcome to The Daily Inn. I am your Inn Keeper, Ashley Anna. It’s a pleasure to be sharing with you the thoughts that broadcast into my brain. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, well I say the keyboard is mightier than the┬ápen. The Daily Mail and Buzz feed seem to have such a high effect on the world around us. So, I thought I would give a crack at this power presented forth to me. Here I will be discussing everything you could imagine — from daily current events to things that irritate me in my game of Skyrim. I will turn my everyday activities into a thrilling fantasy adventure so get your D20’s ready. I won’t bore you here with the boring details of my life – you can find me on social media to do that. Here, I will be challenging not only myself, but you to do some creative writing prompts. I’ll be posting my fictional works, my angsty poetry, and will encourage you to do the same! I am a writer/editor in training and want to see what I can do with my bestowed powers. I as well like to bake, play adventuring games, and craft so I hope you don’t mind me taking my bragging rights to the public eye. So take a seat, grab some mead, and the bard will be with us in a short few minutes.

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