I began to play Skyrim but Skyrim was playing me.

We haven’t run out of mead yet, our supply is still fresh and plenty in our inventory. So if you enjoy a tale of games of the video variety, I think this is a tale for you. Prepare yourself, it’s a bit of a doozy.

I had fallen into a void — one that involved no video games, no works of poetry, and no hobbies I had enjoyed. Winter was coming and it came with a vengeance. I usually fell into a dark pit that was filled with sleep, food, and very little enjoyment.

All my hobbies fell stale in the time of false winters and little to no spring. Apollo finally showed his face and brought warmth to our lands. I started to pick up messing with my tarot cards, creating perler bead art, and most of all playing games that consumed my life.

It was hard for me to engage into games while I was in that dark pit but I had recently watched A-A-ron play his newly modded game of Skyrim. So I thought that it was my turn to venture into the Nord ridden lands that was Skyrim.

In the latest mod was one where you don’t have to do the Dragonborn quest. This was my first time playing and I thought I may as well make it interesting. In said mod, you can chose to start quite literally anywhere your heart desired.

You can be a vampire, join the Thieves Guild, be ship wrecked, you could do anything except be the High King of Skyrim. Which in my opinion is a bit upsetting but I digress. I chose to start out as a property owner at random. My character was simple, a Nord who goes by Anise. I come to find out that there is already a character with that name in Skyrim, but how was I to know?

So I start in Whiterun in a place you should all know as Breezehome. I know very little of this game but all I know is that Anise is a peaceful character. Or so I thought. She collects all sorts of flowers and ingredients in hopes to become an alchemist and mix as many potions that her heart desires.

I didn’t plan for her to do many of the main quest line or even join a guild. However, my boyfriend who is addicted to this game, suggested that I go to the bard college and do it’s quest. So off Anise goes after venturing her home of Whiterun.

We go off to the North, venturing on foot. Who needs to ride by carriage? Not Anise. She wants to gather flowers such as mountain flowers, nightshade, and many more. Needless to say, her entire inventory is filled with herbs.

Off we go! Running in third person almost right into a Giant camp and into a giant. My first adventure in Skyrim and I almost run face first in a Giant and his club. I don’t even know the sprint mechanic yet. I’m lucky enough to escape unharmed and put some distance between my character and its camp.

That’s not all. Bandits, wolves, and mud crabs. Oh my! That’s only the beginning of my adventure to Solitude to join the Bard College. She almost ran  into a skeleton camp, into a pass with angry ghosts, another giant camp, and so much more. After many attempts of my characters death, we make it to Solitude!

Where I meet a lovely Argonian who is asking if you would like to make a spare few coins on an odd job. Hesitant, my character accepts. I have to blow out a candle on top of a lighthouse for Jaree-Ra and his sister Deeja. Sounds fishy but whatever. She goes to the bard college to accept that quest as well. Off to the lighthouse!

We do the deed. We meet back up with Jaree-Ra and he tells us to go find the boat we led off course and his sister will pay me my share. This doesn’t sound like a trap or anything but my character doesn’t bat an eye. So we go to this ship and low and behold its filled with “soldiers”. But they don’t look at me any different and go about their business. Until we find Deeja. Who pulls her knife out on my character!

I am now forced to kill this lizard and her guard in self-defense to get the hell outta here. We loot the two and continue on our journey. So I’m still convinced Anise is this nice flower-picking Alchemist Bard thing. No. I was wrong. We get to yet another guard and she grabs him from his neck, and proceeds to stab the poor guy in the throat three times with her great sword.

I’m stunned. I have to pause the game and take a moment to process what my flower crown wearing princess had just done. She’s now stained in blood; her sword covered in it. I shake it off and continue. We loot the ship and read the letter we found from Deeja that her brother ordered to kill me!

This means war. A little vengeful killing wouldn’t hurt right? It’s character building. Ha. Anyway… We find the location of where the rest of the loot this lizard bitch owes me. We stealthy go into the cave and start slaughtering everyone in her path. Slicing their throats, stabbing them through the heart, shooting arrows through their knees. The whole lot.

Guts and gore are splattered everywhere. Anise gets her revenge and quite a lot of loot from the dead lizard. After spending an hour sneak killing his overpowered one hit killing bodyguard captain. I was only level one, give me a break.

We return to Solitude, sell our loot, and rest until our next adventure. Needless to say, my first venture into Skyrim was more eventful than I originally planned. But, that’s what hooked me in to probably what will be months of gameplay.

What was your first experience with Skyrim if you have one? Or any RPG game?

I’ll be anticipating your answers. But until then, room and drink are on me.

Enjoy your stay.

-The Daily Inn

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  1. The mod you used, it was “Alternate Start – Live Another Life” right? With the amount of times I’ve made new characters in Skyrim it was such a welcome addition to my mod list, just so I didn’t have to sit through the opening sequence! Anyway, super article 🙂


    1. thedailyinn says:

      It is that exact mod! Its an excellent addition to the game! And it still gives you the vanilla start if you so wish to do the original start. When we first got the newest edition of the game that was one of the first mods my boyfriend downloaded. I thoroughly enjoy it 🙂 Thanks for replying!

      Liked by 1 person

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