I must have angered my IRL DM

Come gather around the hearth as I tell you about today’s troubling tales. But first, I think some introductions are in order.

As of recently I have been introduced into the wonderful and beautiful world that is Dungeons and Dragons. A few of my coworkers and I gather on each Wednesday to play with an assortment of the characters we created. So for the sake of this blog I figured I would share my own stats.


So there you go, I am a 20-year-old Human Wizard (in my dreams), who is currently searching for new employment and writing for a blog. I have little to no strength but can read a mean book.

If you all didn’t know, which I’m assuming you do since you saw my Charisma score, I don’t handle social interaction well. I often stutter and get uncomfortable talking to other people. In short, if I had to intimidate a bandit, I would be screwed.

I had a group interview at a local retail store and had my boyfriend help me prepare for said interview. They said to get dressed as if I worked there already and just to meet them at 2:30.

So I did as I was told, with the help of my borderline gay boyfriend to get dressed for the interview. I switched from my set of commoners clothes to a set of business casual clothes to go to this interview in. I make the drive over and go into this dreaded group interview.

However, I rolled a critical 20 and the interview seems to go pretty well. The manager and I are hitting it off pretty well. My two other fellow employment searchers are extremely shy and soft-spoken.

I feel on top of the world. The dragon is slain and I collect my gold, 50 experience and go about my day.

Now I start to feel cocky.

I went to school for Culinary and Baking Arts. If you saw in my proficiency section, I am knowledgeable in the Cooks Utensils. I can make a mean sweet-roll for all of you. Guards of Skyrim need to be watching for thieves because they are after my delicious sweet rolls. God forbid someone stole said sweet-roll, those Skyrim guards don’t care in the slightest…

So afterwards I went into town to see about two different bakeries looking for work. How else is a simple citizen like myself supposed to be able to pay for things like minor healing potions or ingredients to make sweet rolls without a job? And what better job than something I am proficient in?

Needless to say, on both of my charisma saving throws I rolled a critical fail.

Defeated on landing such critical fails I ventured on home. No sweet rolls today my friends.

However, because I was so disheartened about my critical fail rolls I started to actually think about my main quests I wanted to take a part of.

What did I want to do? Become a bard? Did I really want to be a baker?

What was it that I really enjoyed? I loved writing, editing other peoples work if they asked, making perler bead creations, level up my divination skill with my tarot cards, and mostly game. I had to make a decision on how I can turn my passions into profit.

That’s when I got suggested by another individual, my boyfriend to be exact, to start writing my heart out on a blog, such as this one. So here I am, thanks to a critical fail. Who would have thought? Usually critical fails ended with a curse from the actual player and the character ending up in basically Inception. (I’m looking right at you Aaron. You and your crazy sandbox worlds..)

So, if you’re reading, which I’m not expecting a lot of people to be reading. You’re probably off on a quest to save Skyrim, which honestly is where I want to be right now. But if you are reading, I want you to tell me a time where you rolled a critical fail but it wound up helping you in the long run.

Until next time my readers.

-The Daily Inn

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