My game of D&D turned into Inception

Welcome back to the Inn, I hope your adventures weren’t too strenuous and tiring. We have plenty of drink and food to go around. We have a few rooms open so take your pick and grab some food.  The story is about to begin.

So recently we have been delving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The first character I ever created was an Acolyte Elvin Wizard named Mella. She was very particular about her tome and liked to speak in very long words.

Mella met up with her old friend Koseff in the local inn over in a small village called Frostfall, trying to find work. Up on the cork-board was an ad, in Dwarvish, from the local blacksmith, Andre. He was asking for someone to go into his mine to see what was stopping his workers from gathering supplies. Mella was the only one who could read such language so she reported back to Koseff with the information.

Koseff, being adventurous in nature, immediately convinced Mella to take the job. Hesitantly, she agreed without question, trusting her old friend. They went over to the blacksmith’s shop so they could get more details on the quest. Andre told them the basics on how his business was failing because something in his mines was killing off his workers.

So off on a journey they went, a three hour walk outside of town to the said mine. After taking a short rest and waiting until nightfall they  make their arrival. They stealthily walk into the mine, careful to no disturb whatever infested the cave.  Mella and Koseff immediately find out that it is a giant spider that is haunting these mines. Mella still being very weak with her magic was terrified with the impending fight they were about to partake.

They attempted to take on the giant spider — Koseff using his sword while Mella attempting to use her magic. However, they took a moment to flew as their stamina and strength began to stagger. They fled the cave and took yet another short rest outside of the cave. Determined, they ran back into the cave to get the job done. Fairly injured, they finally claim their victory on the giant spider.

Koseff then checked his surroundings and noticed a spider sack up at the top of the cave, at least 100 feet. So, Koseff used an arrow to knock it down and Mella used the last of her magic to set the sack a blaze. They notice a chest over in the corner and as soon as Mella opened it a tiny spider jumped on her shoulder.

Carefully and slowly she got the spider to trust her and it climbed into her sack. She decided to name it Cosmo. Koseff found a great sword that had ancient inscriptions on it. They leave the mines and go report back to the blacksmith to gain our rewards. After resting in the local Inn once more they take venture to the town into Angela’s Herb shop. They notice she is not there but see that there is a trap door leading up to an attic. Koseff went up to go investigate and he got sucked up into the attic.

Panic driven, Mella goes to investigate and seemed to get sucked up by the same thing — getting knocked out in the process. Angela nursed us back to health after we had explained our situation. The kind Herbalist told us that the thing that sucked us upon and knocked us out was a Magic Attracting Orb. Koseff then had a striking realization that the sword he picked up in the mines was magical.

After thanking Angela for taking care of them, they headed back into town to hear a young boy screaming from across town. The screaming seemed to be coming from Frostfall’s Keep where it’s leader stayed. Koseff sneaked around the back while Mella went through the building. They meet up outside to see a young boy surrounded by three wolves.

The duo took care of the wolves and ask the young boy about what had happened. Frightened and seemingly uninterested in their rescue, told them that he was just reading before he was attack by wolves from the forest. The two tried gathering any information that they could but it just seemed to be an innocent attack. They go back into the village to hear two of the guards talking about something at night making terrible noises what seemed to be by the Keep.

Intrigued by this information, Koseff dragged Mella over to the Keep to investigate. True to the guard’s words, there was a horrendous sound coming from inside of the Keep. They force their way into the Keep and find their way into what seems to be a dungeon.

They follow down hallways and into the first open room where giant mosquito looking creatures attacked us. Mella easily put them to sleep and continued on their adventure. They reach a room that had a demonic looking statue and my spider companion started to spazz out. After traveling down the rest of the hallway, Koseff and Mella get split up.

She also got separated from Cosmo. So she waited in the hallway for Koseff to join back up with her. They also went back to get Cosmo who was sitting on top of what he called “Dad”. Startled at the fact that the spider companion could speak, they hesitantly went back on their adventure.

After getting hit with different traps and different monsters, they finally reached an oozing door. Mella quickly and efficiently took the poison trap down and they enter the room to which holds a magma monster.

Koseff wanted to talk to it to get information but it seemed to not understand him. They attempt attacking it but it seemed extremely powerful. The duo decides to run into a bigger room. They ask Cosmo if he could talk with him and although he tried, the magma monster was too angry to make any conversation. So they finish off killing the magma monster and Cosmo had yet again run off.

However, as we escaped the dungeon they notice that all the previous traps had been turned off. Probably the work of their new spider companion. As soon as they exited the dungeon, the two got immediately put into handcuffs. They were brought over to the leader of the village to be questioned why they killed his most prized monster, promising exile or being thrown off a building.

Koseff, being the sporadic individual that he is, broke out of his handcuffs. Mella followed suit but the leader’s guard knocked both of the heroes out. After groggily waking up from the blunt force, they realize they are in a cave. They notice what seemed to be Angela once again nursing them back to health. However, Cosmo was scattering around her.

However, Angela seemed to be see-through and as soon as Mella was able to sit up on her own, she asked why Angela looked that way. Cosmo then revealed his true self. He was actually a shape shifting demon child of Darax-us, a very powerful demon. He explained how we had been asleep in a coma for over two weeks from our previous mission to grab a very powerful and magical sword from a dragon. He had projected the whole town and its inhabitants into our minds to stop the horrendous nightmares.

Everything they had knew was all just projections into the head from Mella’s now demon-spawn. What was once a simple quest was all just a coma induced dream. Oh the adventures we have.

We hope you enjoyed our dungeons and dragons tale. Enjoy the rest of your belly full of mead and enjoy your stay in your room.

Until next time,


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