I am not a poet and I didn’t know it

Good afternoon fellow travelers! If you didn’t know, I am the daughter of Apollo. The God of the Sun, archery,  prophecy and oracles, music, song and poetry, and diseases. And as his daughter I have often brought myself into the world of poetry. I never thought I was any good at it but others say they beg to differ.

The bard thought that I should share some of my cringe worthy poetry with the rest of you. Some of my works which I think are good, while the others I’m still wondering why I am posting them. So listen closely, the Bard will begin his tales now.


I was a flower bud,
Refusing to bloom.
Until he came along,
And started to shower me –
With compliments that nourished me,
And made me feel free.
I started to grow,
Tall and sturdy as could be.
Until finally one day
When the sun came to shine.
My bud began to blossom,
And his eyes began to glimmer,
Over how far I had grown.
And even though I had blossomed-
He continued to shower me with pride
To remind me everyday
Of how beautiful I was.


My walls had crumbled to rubble,
My barriers I spent so long building,
Had finally come down around me.
All that was left was a glass door,
To shut people out as best as I could,
But could shatter in an instant.
I was a difficult puzzle,
That he had put together and solved.
But his walls were like New York skyscrapers,
Thicker than I could ever imagine,
Study and hard to breach.
His door was made of iron,
And had many bolts and locks.
His pieces scattered and missing.
And in a single moment I had realized,
That I was vulnerable,
While he was still a complete stranger.


I was yellow;
Days were the sun was shining,
The wind was gentle
And the air was clear

I was red;
Glass cups broken
Papers ripped in half,
The room left a mess.

I was blue;
Emotions flooding the floor,
Sobs could be heard,
Dads hugs no longer offered.

I was green;
Gingersnaps filled the air,
Twinkling lights everywhere,
The air was snappy and cold

I was orange;
Music traveled through the air
Paint was splashed on the table cloth
Papers spewed everywhere

I was purple;
Family was chattering,
Animals snuggling up close
The smell of food surrounding everyone gathered

I was a rainbow;
Emotions easily spoken
Until they started bottling up
And then i didn’t know what color i was

I was white;
Smiles forced on my face
Clothes covering up my whole body
The word of the day was fine

I was black;
Apathy fogged emotions
Tears could fill oceans
And the bed couldn’t be more safe.

I was grey;
When rain poured from the sky,
Nothing was left on the tv
And static was all you could hear.



I spent a lot of my time
Staring at fluffy clouds
Admiring their beauty
Never realizing I was one of them.
And never saw how people admired me
My head was in the clouds
When I was one of them all along

So, those were my favorite works I have recently written. Kindly thank the Bard for his time, leave him some coin or buy him a drink. Let me know what you think of my cringe worthy poetry! I love hearing feedback from the locals. Also, if you’re feeling up to the part, leave me your favorite poem you’ve ever written. Until next time, drinks are on me.

-The Daily Inn

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