Bad Habits Tend to Die Hard

Welcome back to the Daily Inn. Today I’m going to be sharing with those who decide to stay since it is quite late that I am posting, a habit of mine that I find I cannot break. No matter what journal, or now say blog, I start I do a bit of an introductory page. Diaries dating back to when I was in the second grade had all the same introductory page. As if I was going to forget who I was. If I ever had amnesia I would have been my own life saver.

So, since you are here for the most part of my blabbering, I figure I should probably introduce myself. You got to see my Dungeons and Dragons stats on my other post I must have angered my IRL DM to show you how un-charismatic I was.

I went around on the other parts of the internet seeing if there was any good posts or tags for getting to know the blogger kind of ordeal. But nothing really got my attention. So I’m going to do it my way. I’m not going to delve too deep into parts of my past or even bore you with details of the minuscule points. I am here just to inform you of who I am.


My name is Ashley Anna Paranto, an almost 21-year-old blogger who lives in a fantasy world. I was born in Stratford, New Jersey on June 24th, 1996 and lived in the Garden State for almost all of my young life. I recently moved to the First State with my always sarcastic boyfriend to get away from strife and stress. I am interested in becoming a writer or publisher but I have my skills in Pastry arts as well for recreational purposes. I told you, I can make a mean sweet roll. It’s also my main focus at the moment to make Sumbitch cookies from How I Met Your Mother, but I digress.

One of the most tragic moments in my life was loosing my father. He passed away on August 27th, 2012 due to what we assumed was a heart attack. For those of you who don’t know, my father was an active role in my life. He basically made me into the geek I am today. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t love video games, the music I like, or even have gotten me into Star Wars. May the force be with you, Master.

For a while I was on Youtube trying out the whole system there. Something that also got passed down from my father. I almost have two hundred subscribers on there. I talked about my top tens, twitter topics I found hilarious, did a few lets plays, had a fun series called embarrassing songs on my iTunes, and did an entire week of answering Pokemon questions. My most viewed video for some odd reason was me reviewing a hypnosis video. As it stands it has twenty-seven THOUSANDS views.

I’ve been into writing almost all my life. For as long as I can remember I always had my plethora of notebooks tagging along with me wherever I went. One of my very first characters was an OC (original character) for the anime Naruto named Saki Hokkaido. Yes, yours truly is a gigantic Otaku. Does that surprise any of you in the slightest?

I just recently got big back into poetry as most of you must know since that is my most favorited blog post. (Which honestly shocked me!) I as well write little short stories on the side from writing prompts. One of them is actually turning into a pretty long story that I’m not sure what I’m going to do with. I have only one completed work that is over thirteen thousand words long. I am in the process of fixing it up so I can finally post it out for people to read.


So this is the part where I gush about my favorite things I suppose. I enjoy Fuji apples and love fluffy clouds. I’m a sucker for flowers and going to local cafes. I love home cooked meals and anything in the color green. I adore calla lilies and star-gazing. Foxes melt my heart and candles relax me.

I can watch Howl’s Moving Castle on repeat and can listen to All Time Low all day long. I adore bubble baths and sometimes like to meditate. I bake mean cookies and love cute dates. I love food puns and keeping tabs on the phases of the moon. I am obsessed with crystals and reading my tarot cards.

My favorite video game is Resident Evil 2 and can eat an entire tub of cookies and cream ice cream by myself. I have been playing DDR for years and love writing. My favorite food is pizza and Opal is my favorite gemstone.


So for the longest time I wanted to be a pastry chef, and I quickly realized that I was living in a false reality. I joined the Culinary program at the technical high school. And it was clear as day that I enjoyed baking in my free time. So for a while I was lost within direction.

I didn’t know what to be going to college for. So then I thought maybe I wanted to manage a business. But my lack in the mathematics department said otherwise. So, what else was there for me to do? What else was I passionate about?

I then took a creative writing class that took my life into another direction. And now that’s all I want to do is write. I’ve always loved to write. So here I am. Giving you Grimoire updates and story times about my real life fantasy world.

So I hope that gives you a bit of insight as to who I am. I cannot wait until I post more things for you to read. Until then, drinks are on me!

-The Daily Inn

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