I Rolled Another Critical Fail

Welcome back!

I have a roller coaster of a story to tell all of you. I know it’s been a few days but I come back with a kicker. The Daily Inn is open and ready for business. If you need food or drink, just ask the Bard. He is happy to help around the floor while I tell you my tales.

In recent events, I basically lost my job and within two days got my job back. I rolled a critical fail but got another dexterity saving throw. My emotions were thrown into a blender but the end result was a delicious milkshake.

In a previous post I had mentioned that I was looking for a new job. The reason being was I thought I had another job secured and I was extremely stressed out at my current one. One of the manager’s and I never got along and I was getting overwhelmed. To a point that my boyfriend said I needed to put my two weeks in. I was constantly frustrated and never going to work excited.

So I started to put applications in everywhere and there was a job that seemed promising. The interview went off without a hitch and I had put my two weeks in. A failed a charisma throwing save and cried while telling my manager because I’m an emotional mess and cry over everything. How embarrassing!

He accepted it and did the normal speech about how he was sad to lose me as worker but respected my decision. And then I went back to work and did everything as normal. I had to let all my coworkers know the news of my quitting. All my coworkers were pretty supportive about my decision.

The race began to find a new job. Applications were being filled out by the minute. I couldn’t let a moment go by without putting in an application somewhere. Things were going smooth at work and things didn’t get weird with me or the workers. We even made a few jokes about it. Changing my name on the schedule to Felicia, Bye.

Half-way through putting my two weeks in, things started to go awry. I was home from work one day when I got a call from my boyfriend while he was at work. (Did I mention that my boyfriend and I worked at the same establishment? No? Oops. My bad.) However, upon answering it I received some extremely bad news. After Aaron finished his day of working, he no longer drove for the company.

Shocked, upset, and confused about our current financial situation. I was about to be jobless and he had lost his. I wont bore you with the details as to why he got laid off from driving but I just knew it sucked. My emotions went overboard and I started to panic. I started filling out applications as I could.

Thankfully I got another call about an hour later about how Aaron got a different job offer inside of the store. Although he was torn about loosing his favorite job but we needed the money. Things needed to change if I were to be without a job. And time was running out quickly.

I must have filled out at least fifty applications by the time it was my last week at my job and I was in a major panic. I was getting proficient on filling them out in less than twenty minutes. I get to work to find out that the manager I had so many problems with had been fired.

Technically speaking I cannot talk about what happened but long story short, he was gone and probably going to jail. I was absolutely blown away by the news. My main problem and source of stress was gone.

What were the odds?

Frustrated by this, I continued on at my job. And amazingly, all the anxiety and frustration I once had everyday at work had vanished. I was suddenly calm at my work and wasn’t in a constant state of anxiety. Which was odd for me since I always got worked up when we got extremely busy at my store. Now that I was leaving, things started to seem so simple.

My last day approached without even a warning. I was sad. This was actually starting to get enjoyable again. My favorite people were all working the same shifts as me, the problem manager was gone, and I was having fun. But the night came to a close and I had to say my goodbyes. Promising this wasn’t going to be the last time they saw me.

The next day I freaked out. I was unemployed. I was still searching for a job and not sure what to do. We had to make such cuts in our budget and had to ask for financial help from his mother. I was feeling like shit. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just needed to take my mind off of things.

So the next day we decided to go to our friend’s house to get our mind off things. Aaron was going to play video games with friend while I did some baking with my friend. It was going nicely and then we ran to the store to grab some supplies for lunch and for our baked goods. While checking out the things at the store Aaron’s phone started to go off. I jokingly said it was his work and he looked at his phone and ironically it was. He was supposed to go in at six that day and wasn’t going to risk the chance of getting called in early on a day of fun.

He listened to the voicemail and looked at me weird. After listening to it he told me it was the assistant manager looking for me. Shocked, I looked at my phone and realized that I had a voicemail from my old employer. It was her asking if I would like my job back since one of my replacements bailed on the job and they needed help that night.

I could almost cry.

I accepted the offer and after finishing up at our friends house we went back home to get ready for work. I had a job again! We didn’t have to make so many sacrifices. And as soon as I got to my job, everyone welcomed me back to the work force. They even changed my name back on the schedule to my normal name.

So the moral of my story? The bad can get worse, but the worse always gets better.

I hope some of you can relate. I love sharing my tales with you locals. It’s very exhilarating for me. I don’t usually open up to people like that. So if you’re staying in one of our rooms, make yourself comfortable. And enjoy your stay. We’ll be open for business for as long as you’re here to give business. Sweet rolls are on me.

– The Daily Inn

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