The Inn Keeper’s Grimoire Part Three

Welcome back to my Inn. It’s a pleasure to see you again. A witch always shares his or her secrets with those who are intrigued in their craft. So let’s get right into getting a peep into my book of shadows.

How To Make & Use Potions

Potions are usually made with a liquid base of either water, milk, syrup, or other. Depending on the intent of the potion, a spell can be (ritually) recited over the cauldron or pot during the brew, while stirring either clockwise (to direct energy) or anticlockwise (can be used to  reverse spells).

Unlike magickal tea, a potion can be either drunk on its own or a few drops added to another beverage. During the brew, visualize the intent of each herb or ingredient added and state its use. Afterwards, pour the liquid into a vial and use the potion within a span of one to three days, depending on the ingredients used. A potion can be left to charge overnight in the light of the moon to add more spiritual power.

For Beauty: Honey, rose, vanilla, roman chamomile, milk, evening primrose, orange, yerba santa, catnip, cherries, lemon verbena, strawberries.

For Love: apples, yarrow, sugar, lavender, fennel, juniper berries, chocolate, jasmine, cinnamon, pomegranate, violet, lemon.

For psychic development: mugwort, skullcap, sage, ginger, blue cornflower, lemon balm, rosemary, blue lotus, star anise, nettle, thyme, hawthorn berries.

For protection: basil, heather, pine, clove, bergamot, hyssop, garlic, caraway seeds, bay leaves, dill, vervain, agrimony



*Rosemary* antidepressant, protection, purification, banishing & defense
*Sage*  aphrodisiac, protection, divination, longevity, clairvoyance, prosperity &passion
*Basil* house protection, purification, prosperity, spell breaker, strength, courage, harmony & peace.
*Bay Leaf* concentration, dreams, divination, healing, protection, wisdom, purification, wishes & love
*Cinnamon* Protection, money, success, business, promotion & agreement
*Lavender* cleansing, happiness, love, healing, headache, stress, anxiety & depression
*Lemon Balm* interaction, fellowship, family, sleep, love, stress & calming
*Thyme* healing, love, sleep, courage, purification & powers
*Mint* money, prosperity, travel, justice, protection & calm
*Mugwort* sedative, lucid dreams, protection & astral/prophetic dreams

My Simple Pleasure

  • Relaxing Bubble Baths
  • Exact Change
  • When It Snows
  • Blooming Flowers
  • Fluffy Clouds
  • Pretty Sunsets
  • Perfect Weather
  • Back Massages
  • Warm Clothes out of the dryer
  • Hearing a Nostalgic Song
  • Warm Fires
  • Calm Water Fronts
  • Cuddling Your Loved One
  • The Smell of Books
  • Writing In a New Notebook
  • Fresh Baked Goods
  • Open Windows
  • Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate
  • Cuddling with Cats
  • Getting Called Out of Work
  • Pictures with Your Significant Other
  • A Clean House

Full Moons of 2017
January 12th – Wolf Moon in Cancer
February 10th – Snow Moon in Leo
March 12th – Warm Moon in Virgo
April 11th – Pink Moon in Libra
May 10th – Flower Moon in Scorpio
June 9th – Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius
July 9th – Thunder Moon in Capricorn
August 7th – Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius
September 6th – Harvest Moon in Pisces
October 5th – Hunter’s Moon in Aries
November 4th – Beaver Moon in Taurus
December 3rd – Cold Moon in Gemini

You got quite a bit of a taste of my Book of Shadows. You got some of everything from my grimoire and I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll keep posting more and more pages and hope you can keep up. The minor healing potions are discounted in price for the next week. I’ll see you around my supporters.

– The Daily Inn

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